Greek Studies Now: A Cultural Analysis Network sprang in 2019 from a partnership between two vibrant research communities working on the culture of Modern Greece and South Europe in the universities of Oxford and Amsterdam. It already includes scholars from several universities in Greece, Europe, and the US, and aims to progressively widen its reach and include more partners, universities, and countries, towards forming a cultural analysis network for the European South.

The network is committed to the theory and practice of cultural analysis and to a broad understanding of Modern Greek Studies in its intertwinement with other fields and disciplines. It encourages dialogues between scholars with different backgrounds and at different stages of their career. We aim at inclusivity and diversity and at stimulating interdisciplinary dialogues that take scholars outside the comfort zones of their disciplines.

The “now” in the network’s title has a double resonance: it points to our commitment to rethinking the field of Modern Greek Studies through current global theoretical, political, and cultural debates; and to an approach to objects of the past and the present from a porous “now” with which the past is multiply entwined and in which we are shaped as subjects and scholars.